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How to Create Great Taglines

How to Create Great Taglines

Taglines, some business have them, others don’t but why have them and what constitutes a good one. A tagline is simply a small phrase or slogan that encompasses what a business offers to customers or believes in, it should be short snappy and get the message across without people saying huh? Some good examples of taglines around the world are Nike’s “just do it”, McDonald’s “I’m loving it” or even our own tag line, “let your business soar”. So sit back and relax as we go through how to create great taglines.

How to create a great tagline - Nike did, now its your turn

How to create great taglines – Nike did, now its your turn

The anatomy of a tagline

Tagline, slogan, company motto, mission statement… whatever you call it, it is all about the same thing. It is a simple sentence that identifies your business by capturing the essence of three simple elements.

Your Mission – Your Promise – Your Brand

Don’t focus so much on what you sell or services you provide but more what you offer people at the end of the day. What makes your business different?

Be Clear, Not Clever

Most of us aren’t going to be able to spout out the coolest phrases and really, it doesn’t have to be ‘cool’. In this modern world where people can land on a site and make a split second decision whether to stay or not it is important to get your message across as clearly and quickly as possible.

Be clear, not clever. Start building your tagline by analyzing the following;

  • what you offer in the way of a service or feeling?
  • what key words describe what you stand for?
  • what problems plague your industry that you can play off against?
  • What does your competition use?
  • Think from a customers perspective of what benefits you offer them?

* tip – Don’t fall into the trap of using common things like, Tech Tips, your tagline should peak a persons interest not bore them.

So you should have a small list of benefits you offer to customers and an understanding of your mission by now, so lets talk about branding. Ensure your tagline reflects your company image and differentiates you from your competition. You have personality (well most of us do anyway) and so does your business, show it off, give your customers a taste.


If you haven’t already done so, your business should have a DCS (design continuity strategy) through out all online and print communications. People should be able to read that tagline, see that particular shade of color, recognize that logo and understand that it is uniquely yours. You wouldn’t go to an important business meeting with a dinner jacket and camo cargo shorts and neither should your business. Everything should match and there should be a flow when ever a customer comes into contact with you business. Do you know your company color hex codes? You should!

Creative Marketing Australia

How to create great taglines – Ours is all about growing your business through design


Ok, stop freaking out and breathe, you have plenty of time to get it right but as they say practice makes perfect. Try come up with a tag line for the below example.

You are Frank, you own and run a small nursery 5 blocks away from a major gardening store. You offer very similar products but you have a personal passion for bonsai and sell some fantastic creations. Your store is not cluttered with cheap crap like the major store but neatly layout displaying things in a minimalist way. The major gardening store has just started to sell poorly made bonsai which are mass produced and don’t capture what the real spirit of bonsai is. So your friends at BC Marketing (shameless plug I know) help you to update your logo, get a new website but what is your tagline going to be?

Leave your tagline for frank below in the comments section and remember that if you are really stumped for your business we can help, after all our tagline is “let your business soar”

How to create a great tagline - The Bonsai Shop

How to create great taglines – The Bonsai Shop

Now if you still want more info why not take a trip down wiki-lane for a general look at taglines as a whole.



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