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The Importance of Mobile Marketing 2017

The Importance of Mobile Marketing 2017

Mobile marketing, mobile advertising, mobile site development and apps, however you look at it the smart phone revolution has taken over our lives and 2017 is only going to see a further increase in usages around the world.

Google is leading the charge with its mobile first strategy that ranks websites higher that are mobile optimized. Although this can be fraught with problems from a design and implementation perspective it is still an important aspect to keep in mind when looking for growth opportunities for your business.

Mobile E-commerce is still nowhere near the level that desktop currently is but the next 3 to 5 years will see an exponential increase in users shopping via their smart devices. The biggest increases will be from websites that have systematically built their eCommerce platforms to work seamlessly across multiple devices. This does not mean just buying a mobile optimized template for your website but making a concerted effort to ensure that when a customer logs in via a smart device their experience is as near to identical as possible.

Apps are another market segment that is going to see an increase in importance for 2017 but unlike websites that are a necessity they can be a hit and miss affair. Developing an app can be a fantastic way to hold and capture your audience if it is done right and with purpose but it is a serious investment that requires some major thought. There are far too many low-class apps already, especially when it comes to the eCommerce market. If this is something you are looking at doing for your business you need to acknowledge that it will be a major investment of your time to find the unique idea that will put you above your competition.

Mobile optimized video should also be a major tactic for your marketing plan in 2017. Facebook’s daily video views jumped from 1 billion to 8 billion in this past year, with 500 million people watching videos every day. Video posts are the new normal and it is not good enough to simply make a video in a single format. All the major social media platforms now have specific requirements for uploading video if you want them to play quickly and give the user the best experience.

The last mobile market segment that should be part of your marketing strategy in 2017 is good old google marketing. It is important that you spend part of your marketing budget with google adwords but ensure you push video and picture ads more than text.

Good luck in 2017



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