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Backup Wedding / Event Photography?

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Lets face it folks, as soon as you mention that you want to book a service provider for a wedding it’s like they triple the price. Photographers are perhaps one of the most important choices you can make for your wedding / event because they are the ones that document everything but there are also a lot of pirates out there, so here is a few helpful tips to make sure you get the right photographer for your event.

1- Make sure they have a website: In this day in age if your dealing with a company they should have a website, especially photographers but unfortunately you can’t trust websites completely as there are some unscrupulous individuals out there that will purchase ‘stock photos’ of weddings and pass them off as their own handy work. so be careful.

2 – Look for that personal touch: One way to ensure your are getting the real deal is by taking a look at their website, Facebook page and YouTube channel so you can look for that personal touch. Look for Photos & videos of other peoples events that they have done and that you can verify are genuine by seeing more than just 1 or 2 pictures.


3 – Word of Mouth: This method is an old one but you honestly won’t get better feed back of a service provider than word of mouth. For instance, one of my close friends just got married and although our company (BC Marketing) offers video / photo editing and a cheap backup photography service, we are not above mentioning other providers that we personally feel deserve a plug.

This company really amazed me, they even turned up on the rehearsal day and gave the bride & groom pointers / ideas and were generally just very pleasant to be around. On the day they were even more helpful yet somehow they managed to be un-intrusive and  get some fantastic shots. In the spirit of openness I must tell you that I get nothing from recommending them and it is only because they did such a fantastic job that I even mentioned them (Point 3 people)

So in short, do you home work and listen to friends & family when they recommend a good service provider that they have actually dealt with -“Give great service and they will tell 1 person, give poor service and they will tell 10”



Now onto some shameless sprooking of our own services – We are graphic designers through and through but we can also provide a backup photography service. What is a backup photography service I hear you ask? Well it means we can provide photography services that compliment professional photographers. Our equipment isn’t state of the art but it is semi professional and having a second authorised independent photographer will compliment any professional services you many employ. As an added bonus our rates are not only rock bottom at $150 for a ceremony & $350 for ceremony & Reception but you also get to keep all the photos not just a select few.

Where we really shine though is in photo manipulation and / or video editing. We can quote on putting together a book, touching up images or custom video editing and creation. If you can think of an idea we can bring it into reality for you. So why not try our backup service and see just how memorable your wedding / event can look.

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– Graphic Design Perth – BC Marketing


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