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Video Advertising: Increasingly Important for Business

Video Advertising: Increasingly Important for Business

Does your business utilize Video Advertising yet? If you run or own a business in Perth or any where in Australia for that matter, there is a lot of compelling evidence that suggests online Video Advertising should play a large role in your advertising budget. Not convinced? Well prepare to be amazed:

1.8 Million words

This is what a  minute video is worth, according to Dr James McQuivery of Forrester Research. No body has the time to write down 1.8 Million words and no one really has time to read 1.8 Million words, especially when it’s an advertisement trying to convince a potential buyer. It makes sense too when you think how overly connected we are now, 15 years ago people read books on the bus but now we are all watching video.

According to another study done by comScore the average internet user will watch 32.2 videos in a calendar month and this equates to some rather big numbers across Perth and Australia, with over 736 Million videos being watched each month. Now we concede straight away that a lot of those 736 million videos each month may be the latest music video or cute kitten video, but there is an ever increasing amount of users that are turning to YouTube for purchasing advise and how-to videos.

My products aren’t worth making a video

The biggest complaint I hear from business owners is that their service or products simply aren’t worth making a video out of. Again we concede that some products simply aren’t worth making a video into, like a nut & bolt set for instance, but video marketing isn’t all about products. Every business whether they like it or not offers the consumer a service, this might simply be  great customer service or even deeply guarded knowledge but we can market any business by video, no matter how hard you think it is. Take the Nut & Bolt salesman I mentioned earlier, a simple how-to video on how to properly remove a ceased bolt and replace it might seem trivial, but you will have people looking to solve this exact problem and if your video is the one they watch, then you have a captive potential buyer. Insert some shameless product promotion with some flashy end graphics and a click through link to an online shop and Bobs your uncle.

90% of consumers agree

There is some great data out there that shows 90% of consumers surveyed in a study from 2013 said that online retailers that provided simple videos of their products helped them make purchasing decisions when compare to products that did not have a video.  Want some more amazing video marketing facts? According to a study done by the Online Publishers Association, 80% of consumers can recall watching a video on a website they visited in the past 30 days. It goes on to find that of that 80%, 46% took some action after viewing the video. Broken down even further the study revealed that, 26% looked for more information, 22% visited the website from the video & 19% purchased the specific product / service from the video.


So what is the take away from all of this? Well plain and simple, if your not using video to market your business then you are missing out on a huge market opportunity and if your competition is then you really need to get on board, quick. Online video builds trust, credibility, your brand and sales. So join the future of marketing and contact us today to see how we can help make your business soar above the competition. Oh and I am aware that this is a text article and the whole point of this article is that video is better, so in being true to form, enjoy our video on the topic.


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