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Let’s face it, Google is king when it comes to search engines online. You may using Bing or some other platform by accident because you were too lazy to untick a tick box when updating that old software you never use, but you always come crawling back to Google.

So it pays to get you head around how Google ranks sites so you can ensure your business is playing by the rules (Never use Black Hat tactics, it’s not worth it!) and getting ranked on the first page. Do you remember Humming Bird, Panda and Penguin? If you don’t and you think that I am talking about a kids show please stop reading now and contact us for help as you really should know how Google works!


Rick Grimes is ready for #mobilegeddon

These cute little critters are Google algorithms that help Google to better index the internet to bring users what they want; good quality content. Gone are the days were you could dump a spreadsheet of key words onto a webpage and get the #1 spot. But Googles next algorithm which is ominously called #mobilegeddon is a hot bed topic at the moment as no one is quite sure how bad or good this will be for business. So let us break down somethings we do know.

As the name suggest this is going to be all about mobile device page ranking and essentially punishing sites that are not ‘mobile friendly’. How do you know if you site is mobile friendly? Well click here to test you site now but be warned this won’t ensure you are not affected, this is just a good basis to start from. If your site isn’t mobile friendly then you really need to be, contact us today.

This doesn’t mean jump on board with the next developer who shouts the end is nigh as he throws iPhones like they’re grenades but instead, plan out your site properly and what you want to achieve. Then get the standard 3 quotes from reputable developers. Remember Google is all about the customer experience, if you get a rush job fix with crap functionally it isn’t going to help you.


So how big is #mobilegeddon going to be? Well according to some sources the penguin algorithm had a 4% impact on search results, Panda had a 12% impact but mobilegeddon is reportedly going to have a 60% impact. So in short yes, it’s going to be big.

So what else can you do? Well assuming you know that mobile browsing is almost overtaking desktop browsing and you have already got a mobile friendly site then you can use Google Webmaster Tools to filter by devices and ensure your site displays and functions for most common mobile devices. It’s no good having a great experience on the iPhone 4 if all the iPhone 6 users have a crap experience.

If you’re using a website or company to track your rankings make sure that they include mobile analysis, otherwise you’re only getting half the picture. Ensure you test your site against your competitors using the Google Mobile Testing Tool to ensure you’re ahead of the game. In short Google’s new algorithm will basically make a ruling on your site, are you ‘mobile friendly’ or ‘mobile unfriendly’.

The major problem is that until the algorithm is release on the 21/4/2015 we can only speculate what is considered ‘friendly’ or ‘unfriendly’. So if your site comes up as friendly under the Google Mobile Friendly test, you are getting high scores on the Google Speed Test and you already implemented good SEO practices you should be safe. If you have a spare week up your sleeve you can even ready all about Google’s current advice on being ‘mobile friendly’ here. 

Even though the marketers of the world are trying to scare everyone into getting a new mobile site, no one really knows the full outcome of this update except Google. We are all just going to have to wait and see. If you’re not mobile ready then you need to be, but plan it out properly and get it done by a pro. Thanks for reading and we hope you liked our mobilegeddon graphics and that they struck an appropriate amount of fear into you. Contact us today if you need help or if we can be of service – let your business soar

– Cameron Costigan


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