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10 Website Design Trends to add to your website in 2023



Website design is constantly evolving, and businesses must stay up-to-date with the latest trends to create a visually appealing and user-friendly website experience for their customers. To help your small business grow, we’ve created our top ten website design trends for 2023. We recommend implementing some of these on your website to attract more customers.


Keeping it simple for clarity

Minimalistic design is all about simplicity and clean lines. Websites with minimalistic designs are easy to navigate and don’t have any unnecessary clutter like banners or ads. This trend will likely continue in 2023 as it allows for a more streamlined user experience.

Dark Mode

The Dark Side has its Benefits

Dark mode is a popular trend recently gaining traction with designers. This mode switches the colour scheme of a website from a light background to a dark background, making it easier on the eyes in low-light environments. It also saves battery life on mobile devices, which is an unintended benefit that most customers will appreciate. Expect more websites offering this option in 2023 or being entirely designed with dark features. 

Dark Mode Website Development Perth

Asymmetrical Layouts

Not Even, But More Engaging

Asymmetrical layouts are becoming increasingly popular for service-based websites. This trend is all about breaking away from the traditional symmetrical design, which can be tedious and boring. AsymmetriInstead, asymmetricaladd visual interest and create a more dynamic user experience. It is also an excellent way to just be different from your competitors, as most websites are built symmetrically. 

3D Elements

Engaging Customer Interactions

3D elements are becoming more common in website design as they add depth and dimension to a website. Adding a 3D element that is interactive is a great way to showcase a product that allows users to be interactive. Just be warned that some 3D integrations can penalise your load times. Ensure your developer can address any issues so they don’t impact your SEO score. This trend will likely continue in 2023 as more businesses look to create a more immersive user experience.

Bold Typography

Be Bold and Stand Out

Bold typography is a trend that has continued to grow in popularity. This trend is all about using large, bold and clean fonts to grab the user’s attention. In fact, most H1 & H2 headings should be as bold as possible to ensure both the user and Google know what your text is trying to convey. Ensure your bold choices don’t overpower the rest of the website content. Finding a happy medium is critical. 

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Make your website Pop!

Micro-interactions are small interactions that take place on a website, such as a button that changes colour when hovered over or a menu that slides out when clicked. These small interactions add an element of fun and interactivity to a small business website, making it more engaging for users. 

Video Backgrounds

Show Stopping Engagement

Video backgrounds have been around for a while now. Although older iterations of this technology could have been faster, there are many great options in 2023. A video background with auto-play adds a sense of movement and energy to a website. If you are looking to add a background video to your site, ensure your developer puts up a good holding image. If the user’s internet is slow when loading the video, they could be left staring at a still shot that looks less than pleasant. 


Stand Out with More Colour

If background videos sound too distracting, then Gradients are a popular trend that could make your website pop. Gradients are a great way to add a touch of colour and visual Pazaz to a website. Gradients can be used for backgrounds, buttons, and other elements to create a more dynamic and exciting design. Just don’t get too crazy with colour options; usually, a blend of two is enough. 

Hand-Drawn Elements

Old School Images for a Discerning Customer

Hand-drawn elements are a great way of adding a sense of personality and warmth to a website. This trend can also make your businesses look more creative in specific markets, adding a human touch. Just make sure the industry you are in would benefit from such design elements as, in some markets, it could hinder you. 

Hand-drawn elements can aid in engaging more customers in 2023 web design Perth 

Voice User Interface (VUI)

Become more inclusive

With the rise of virtual assistants and smart speakers, voice user interface (VUI) is becoming increasingly crucial in website design. VUI allows users to interact with a website using voice commands, making it more accessible for users who may have difficulty using a keyboard or mouse. If you run an e-commerce website, this fantastic feature could win you a lot more business by being more inclusive. 


Updating Small Business Website Design is Important

So that’s our top 10 predictions for 2023 website design trends. If you are looking at implementing any of these for your business, chat with one of our specialist developers. But most importantly, always strive to offer your customers the best user experience possible on your website. If all of this sounds scary, don’t fear; you can sit down with me one-on-one and plan everything out in a Wangara Small business strategic planning session.

As always, live large and take charge – Cam.


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