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Mastering Facebook for Small Businesses in Perth



G’day, fellow entrepreneurs of Perth! Want to throw the Facebook boomerang right for your small business? Whether you’re pouring pints in Northbridge, cooking up a storm in Fremantle, or selling surfboards in Scarborough, harnessing the power of Facebook can make a whopping difference for your business. So, grab your digital swag and let’s dive into some corker tips for Facebook success.

The ‘Perthfect’ Business Page

Continuity is key

Just as you wouldn’t invite guests to a shabby-looking shop, don’t welcome them to a half-baked Facebook Business Page. Make it spick and span with all the relevant deets – operating hours, contact info, location, and a ripper ‘About Us’ section that tells your tale better than a campfire yarn. Show them who you are, what you do, and why your business is the bee’s knees. The best way to achieve this is with continuity and social media design that is on point with your brand. 

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Dazzle with Digital Delights

Showing off your business

In the Facebook outback, it’s the vibrant peacock that gets the attention, not the drab dingo. So ensure your images and videos are as eye-catching as a Perth sunset. Snapshots of your products, behind-the-scenes peeks, and testimonial tidbits can set your business apart quicker than a quokka can scamper. Mixed it up, with sales promos, blog posts, candid company photos. Engaging variety is the name of the game. 

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Play ‘Community Cricket’

Its all about community

Facebook’s not just a billboard, it’s a town square. Don’t just shout about your goods and services, have a yarn with your customers. Respond to their comments and messages faster than a kangaroo on hot sand. Regularly post updates to get chins wagging. You’re not just selling products but building relationships. If you can, even give a shout out to a business that you use and help them out. Not only will this build your social capital but will bring you great kama. 

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Know Your Mob

Get insightful about your followers

Like a ranger reading animal tracks, Facebook’s Insights tool lets you understand your audience. Uncover the nitty-gritty: who they are, where they live, when they browse, and what makes them click. With this local intel, you can craft your content and advertising. 

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Aim the Facebook ‘Ad-arang’

On-point targeting

Use Facebook Ads to reach more potential customers than there are jellyfish in Swan River. With Facebook’s targeting, your ads can find their way to the right folks faster than an emu on the run. Try the ‘Local Awareness’ feature to specifically home in on those within cooee of your business. If your only just starting out or your audience is small, then you should use the page likes ad option. If you’re smarter than a poli on poll day, you will track your ads and tweak them over time to get the best results. 

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Throw a Virtual Barbie

Get your events noticed

Stir up some excitement with Facebook events and offers. Events and offers can get people buzzing about your business, whether it’s a special sale, a new product launch, or a ‘sausage sizzle’ Sunday. Plus, it brings a crowd through your doors, eager to see what all the fuss is about.

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So there you go. If you’ve been a galah with your Facebook strategy until now, don’t worry. With these tips, you’ll be navigating the Facebook bush like a seasoned ranger, ready to make your small business in Perth a big hit!

Continue your journey and grow your Facebook Business page by picking up a copy of “Insane Facebook Page Growth”, from Zero to 1000+ followers in 30 days or less on Amazon!

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