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Why Social Media is Still Relevant for Your Industrial Business



About ten years ago, social media became an indispensable tool for businesses across various industries. However, many industrial and commercial sector businesses simply don’t invest in social media, which can lead to massive lost opportunities. In this blog post, BCM Perth, a leading Australian marketing company specialising in commercial and industrial marketing, will explore the multifaceted role of social media in enhancing the reach, efficiency, and profitability of industrial and commercial businesses.

The Evolving Landscape of Business Communication

Is your business getting left behind?

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Social media’s emergence as a vital communication platform has revolutionised how businesses interact with their customers and stakeholders. Industrial and commercial companies are traditionally viewed as operating within the B2B (Business to Business) domain, and most of these businesses have ignored social media as a tool for growth. But the rise of platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Instagram has blurred these boundaries, enabling these businesses to reach a wider audience, including end consumers.

Brand Awareness and Reputation Management

What are the optics for your industrial business?

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One of the primary advantages of social media for industrial and commercial businesses is its ability to increase brand awareness. By engaging on platforms where their audience is active, these businesses can showcase their products, services, and corporate values. This visibility is crucial in a competitive market where brand differentiation often determines customer preference. Even more traditional retail-focused social media platforms, like Facebook or Instagram, can be utilised to build an audience and grow their knowledge of your products or services. After all, almost everyone reading this, if they’re honest with themselves, has spent countless hours on these platforms. Make some engaging content, and you are guaranteed to get into the minds of some decision-makers.

Moreover, social media serves as a tool for reputation management. Industrial and commercial businesses can use these platforms to respond to customer queries and address issues promptly, demonstrating their commitment to customer service and enhancing their reputation as reliable and responsive.

Generating Leads and Increasing Sales

A new sales channel you didn’t have before!

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Social media is not just about building brand awareness; it’s also an effective tool for lead generation. By sharing content highlighting the unique features and benefits of their products or services, industrial and commercial businesses can attract potential customers. Advanced targeting options on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn allow businesses to reach specific demographics, industries, and even job titles, making their marketing efforts more focused and effective. We aren’t talking about directly messaging people and bugging them here; creating content that stands out and appeals to your demographic will garner some fantastic results over time.

Customer Engagement and Feedback

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Engaging with customers on social media provides valuable insights into customer preferences and market trends. This feedback is crucial for industrial and commercial businesses to refine their product offerings and improve customer service. Social media channels offer a direct line of customer communication, fostering a sense of community and loyalty.

Content Marketing and Thought Leadership

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Content marketing through social media is a powerful way for businesses to establish thought leadership in their industry. By sharing insightful articles, case studies, and whitepapers, companies can demonstrate their expertise and knowledge, establishing themselves as industry leaders. This approach not only educates the audience but also builds trust and credibility. What could you be putting out there that sets you apart from the competition?

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

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Social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn, offer immense networking opportunities. Industrial and commercial businesses can connect with peers, potential clients, and industry experts, opening doors to new collaborations and partnerships. These connections can lead to joint ventures, supplier agreements, and even new business opportunities. The opportunities for Industrial Businesses are almost limitless on LinkedIn, especially when you have a premium account.

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Employee Advocacy and Talent Attraction

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Social media also plays a significant role in employee advocacy and talent attraction. Current employees sharing their work experiences and company achievements on their personal networks serve as powerful endorsements for your commercial business. Additionally, a solid social media presence can attract top talent, essential for any business’s growth and success.

Measuring Success and ROI

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One of the most significant benefits of social media marketing is its measurability. Tools and analytics provided by these platforms allow businesses to track engagement, reach, lead generation, and conversion rates, providing valuable insights into their social media strategies’ return on investment (ROI). This is essential if you are going to start spending money on social media marketing with Ads.

Challenges and Best Practices

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While the benefits are numerous, navigating social media can be challenging for industrial and commercial businesses. It’s essential to maintain a balance between promotional content and educational, engaging material. Regularly updating social media profiles, staying abreast of current trends, and engaging authentically with the audience are critical best practices. For most Industrial and Commercial businesses, a blend of static and video posts with engaging copy is a good start, but don’t start then stop again. Plan out a good three months’ worth of posts (Two a week is a good start) and schedule them to save time.


Social media offers industrial and commercial businesses a dynamic platform for marketing, communication, and growth. By leveraging its various facets, these businesses can enhance their visibility, engage with customers and industry stakeholders, generate leads, and ultimately drive growth and profitability. As a marketing company, BCM understands the potential of social media in transforming business landscapes and is committed to helping its clients harness this potential to its fullest.

If you want to make this year the best year for your business, why not book a strategic planning session with us? We can go over your entire business to help you identify growth opportunities.

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